• Question: Do you think the world will end in 2012?

    Asked by kehhkgch to AndrewL, Andrew, Emma, Marianne, on 17 Jun 2010 in Categories: . This question was also asked by lollypop, jackster1997, somethingrandom97, elmo97.
    • Photo: Andrew Maynard

      Andrew Maynard answered on 12 Jun 2010:

      Hi kehhkgch,

      Er, um… no! It better not as there are still plenty of things I want to do!

      Seriously though, there is no evidence at all to my knowledge that would suggest we are heading for end of the world in 2012. And I suspect we would be rather arrogant as a species if we felt we had special knowledge about such things.

    • Photo: Andrew Leitch

      Andrew Leitch answered on 12 Jun 2010:

      No. Weird. Why? Do you know something I don’t?

    • Photo: Marianne Baker

      Marianne Baker answered on 13 Jun 2010:

      No, not at all!

      I remember the ‘Nostradamus said the world will end in 2000!’ stuff that went around when I was at school. That didn’t happen either.

      Most of these things have been distorted down the years from the original source.

      As far as I’m aware this idea of 2012 doomsday comes from the Mayan calendar; they ran out of space and the last year ended up being 2012. But this is an ancient civilisation; their (understandable) inability to create an accurate calendar going 100s of years into the future isn’t a good reason to assume the planet is going to self-destruct!!

    • Photo: Emma Pilgrim

      Emma Pilgrim answered on 14 Jun 2010:

      No not unless there is some terrible sort of war

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      answered on 17 Jun 2010:

      Hi kehhkgch, lollypop and jackster1997 – highly unlikely under the current climate unless we have a catastrophic event such as super volcano explosion or a rather large metorite…but that’s just my personal opinion!!:)